FEZA YARNS dates back to 1950’s when our current president Emre Koc’s grandfather started the company. It quickly became and remained as the most recognized yarn brand in Turkey.  Finally American knitters were introduced to FEZA YARNS in 2004 and have been enjoying the quality and distinctive yarns we offer ever since. Our passion is combining luxury, soft fibers, amazing colors and offering yarn lovers something they have never seen before.




  1. UNIQUE COLLECTION:  Every yarn in our collection fills a gap that makes your store stand out. We have a wide variety of colors in every yarn we carry in our collection.
  2. PRICE IS RIGHT: You will find that we always offer the best price. You will always get the most yardage for your buck with Feza yarns.
  3. FREE PATTERNS: Every single FEZA pattern on our website is free to download. Save your money for more yarns.
  4. GARMENT PROGRAMME: What sells yarns the best? GARMENTS!!! Who has time to knit garments when you have a shop to run? That’s why we provide you with garments and only charge you wholesale price of total yarn used in garment.  Pick your favorite garment from our website so you can display your customers the amazing projects they can knit with our yarns.
  5. NO SURPRISE BACKORDERS: We rarely have backorders but when we do we alert you the moment yarn arrives. Most yarns are in stock at all times. We don’t ship backorders without your approval. We will always call you before shipment or processing payment.
  6. BEST SHIPPING, PERIOD!!: We ship same day of the order placed 99% of the time. Our shipping staff is extremely detail oriented so you will not have errors in your shipments.



The Alp collection has turned into a worldwide phenomenon since 2005 which includes an option for anyone’s differing taste. These are truly hand tied works of art that you will be addicted to knitting. We have sorted them out below with a brief description.

  • FOR GLITZ LOVERS: Alp Premier and Dazzle are the flagships of our collection. Alp Premier consists of beautifully combined contrasting colors whereas Dazzle’s powerful solid colors offer a more conservative option.
  • ALL NATURAL HERE: Alp Natural and Alp Royale is the perfect recipe for those who prefer natural yarns but don’t want to be bored to death while knitting. The varying texture in these yarns help you knit projects that look so much more interesting than your friends knitting. Alp Natural consists of spring fibers like cotton and silk and Royale is mostly Wool, Cashmere and Silk.
  • YARN BALLS WITH FRINGES: Alp Oriental is more artisan looking yarn in our collection. Every ball includes fringes that can be attached to scarf/shawl project. This yarn is a truly masterpiece. In addition to the 17 color ways offered, Alp Oriental is also offered as one-of-a-kind assortments called Just For You. Each Just for You ball will be unique and there will not be anything else like it.
  • LUXURIOUS: Our limited edition Alp Exquisite is very similar to Alp Dazzle and it has cashmere in it. We introduce 10 new colors every year and discontinue previous year’s color. This is truly our most precious and softest yarn. It is so soft you will need to decide whether to knit or cuddle the yarn.

Creating Jobs For Community In Need: Our distinctive Alp Collection is a combination of multiple yarns hand-tied to each other. Feza Yarns employs local women in Istanbul who are experiencing financial need. Some of our knitters are single mothers whereas rest’s husbands are either unemployed or don’t make enough income to support their families. Every single Alp Skein has been hand-tied by these ladies and every skein they tie-up helps their families immensely.  Feza Yarns is proud to be able to help these handicrafts workers by utilizing their talent and love of yarns.  Every skein of Alp purchased helps a family.

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